Saturday, August 16, 2008

39 The Book of Malachi (Summarized)

The Israelites have angered God by cheating on offerings and disobeying God's Law 1-2
God's Day of judgement is coming, so Obey God's Law 3-4

  1. BG | SAB | God spoke through Malachi. God says that He has loved Jacob, but hated Esau, which is why the land of Edom is laid waste. Edom may rebuild, but they will always be under God's wrath, proving God's great power to the Israelites. God says that the priests have shown contempt for God by offering diseased and crippled animals. God will not accept their offerings. God's name will be great among the nations, and every place will burn incense and sacrifice pure offerings in God's name. People who cheat on offerings are cursed. God is a great king, to be feared by the nations.

  2. BG | SAB | Because the priests have not honored God, God will spread dung from their offerings on their faces. The priest will be despised and humiliated for breaking the covenant God had made with Levi and for not perfectly obeying God's Law. This admonition will come so that the covenant God had made with Levi can be preserved. Judah has broken faith by worshiping a foreign god. This is why God no longer listens to them or accepts their offerings. They have disturbed God by claiming that God is pleased with people who do evil, or by questioning where God's justice is.

  3. BG | SAB | A messenger will prepare the way for God. Then God will suddenly appear in the Temple. When the Day of God comes, He will purge out any Levites who sin. Then God will have men who bring acceptable offerings in righteousness just like in prior times. God will condemn sinners who do not fear Him. God does not change, so the Israelites will survive. If they return to Him by giving the whole tithe, then God will richly bless them, and all other nations will consider them blessed. God promises that they will again see the distinction between those who righteously serve God and those who do not.

  4. BG | SAB | God's Day is coming. God will burn all sinners. The righteous Israelites will trample the wicked people. Obey God's Law. Before God's dreadful Day, God will send Elijah to turn peoples hearts to their families. If their hearts do not change, God will curse the land.

Zechariah | Malachi | Matthew

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