Saturday, August 16, 2008

31 The Book of Obadiah (Summarized)


Edom and other nations will be destroyed when God makes His new, larger Kingdom. 1


  1. BG | SAB | God has summoned nations to humble Edom's pride. Edom will be pillaged, and their allies will turn on them. Because of their hostility towards the Israelites, they will be destroyed forever. They had better not take joy when God destroys Judah, or add to the hardships of the Israelites. The Day of God is near for all nations. As they do, so it will be done to them. All nations will drink God's wrath of destruction, but the Israelites will again possess the land which God gave to them. The Israelites will utterly wipe out the Edomites. The land of the Israelites will expand to include the land of the Edomites, Philistines, and Samaritans, possessing from Zarephath to Negev. This will be God's kingdom.

Amos | Obadiah | Jonah

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