Saturday, August 16, 2008

25 The Book of Lamentations (Summarized)


God has decimated Jerusalem 1-2

The prophet prays for Godly revenge 3

Jerusalem has been destroyed, but will be restored by God 4

God, why do you forsake us? 5


  1. BG | SAB | Jerusalem is deserted, the people of Judah are in exile, and their allies are now enemies. Jerusalem's splendor is gone, and the enemies of the Israelites laughed at its destruction. Jerusalem sinned, and so now it has been defiled by its enemies under God's orchestration. Let the day come when the Israelite's enemies will be treated like Jerusalem has been treated for its sins, as God has said would happen.

  2. BG | SAB | God, like an enemy, has destroyed Jerusalem and Judah. The royalty is exiled, the Law is no more, and prophets no longer hear from God. The remnant survivors are lamenting in destitution. False prophets led to this destruction, and now enemies scorn Jerusalem. God fulfilled His decreed destruction of Jerusalem. The remnant grieve and repent to God. Who else has God ever decimated like Jerusalem has been decimated?

  3. BG | SAB | God has made my life horrible, making me dwell in darkness like those long dead. God ignores my prayers. My life is bitter, and I have been mocked by my own people. Yet I have hope in God's unfailing compassion. God is good to those who hope in Him and seek Him patiently. Let a man strike you in the cheek. God does not shun men forever. Although God brings grief, He will show mercy. God does not willingly bring grief. Both good and bad things come from God. Let us realize that this grief and death comes from our sins, and we must repent to God. I have been hunted down by my enemies, but God hear my cries saved me when I had almost died in a pit. God, you know the wrongdoing of my enemies, so repay them with your wrath.

  4. BG | SAB | Jerusalem and its people have become worthless. Its parents are cruel to their young like ostriches. Its noble men are brought low. Poverty, drought, and famine waste it away. God has done all of this because of the sin of its prophets and priests. God has scattered the remnant in exile without favor or honor shown to priests and elders. The enemies of the Israelites should rejoice now, because in the future God's wrath will be upon them and the punishment of the Israelites will end.

  5. BG | SAB | God, look at how You have disgraced the Israelites. We have lost our land and many men. We are punished for the sins of our fathers. We are in famine and drought, and are subjects to slaves. Enemies all around try to kill us. Our women have been raped. We are forced into heavy labor and are without respect. We have no more joy. Woe, we have sinned. God, why do You forget and forsake us for so long? Or have You utterly rejected us?

Jeremiah | Lamentations | Ezekiel

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