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14 The Book of 2 Chronicles (Summarized)


Solomon gets wisdom, wealth, and honor from God 1

Construction of the Temple 2-4

Solomon brings the Ark of the Covenant into the Temple 5

Solomon blesses and dedicates the Temple 6-7

Miscellaneous activities of Solomon 8

The queen of Sheba visits Solomon, Solomon gets rich and dies. 9

God divides the Israelites against the house of David. 10

The reign of Rehoboam in Judah, the plundering of the Temple 11-12

The reign of Abijah in Judah 13

The reign of Asa in Judah 14-16

The reign of Jehoshaphat in Judah 17-20

The reign of Jehoram in Judah 21

Turmoil and reign of Joash in Judah 22-24

The reign of Amaziah in Judah 25

The reign of Uzziah in Judah 26

The reign of Jotham in Judah 27

The reign of Ahaz in Judah 28

Restoration and reign of Hezekiah in Judah 29-32

The reign of Manasseh and Amon in Judah 33

The reign of Josiah in Judah 34-35

The fall of Jerusalem 36

2 Chronicles

  1. BG | SAB | Solomon calls together all of the leaders of Israel to Gibeon where the bronze altar and the tent of meeting was. Solomon makes 1000 burnt offerings. God asks Solomon what he wants. Solomon asks for wisdom to lead the Israelites. God says He will give him wisdom, as well as more riches and honor than any king ever had or will ever have because he did not ask for them. Some of Solomon's wealth is described, such as 1400 chariots and 12000 horses.

  2. BG | SAB | Solomon begins work on the Temple, enlisting the work of over 150000 men. Solomon asks Hiram, the king of Tyre, for cedar logs for the Temple. Solomon says that the Temple is for burning of incense, consecrated bread, and for morning and night daily burnt offerings, as well as burnt offerings on Sabboth's, new moons, and feasts, as a lasting ordinance of Israel. Solomon asks Hiram for pine and algum logs, and a man skilled with all sorts of decorative crafts. Solomon took a census of the aliens in Israel. Those aliens were the 150000+ men assigned to build the Temple.

  3. BG | SAB | This chapter details the construction and design of the Temple, which was approximately 90 feet long by 30 feet wide.

  4. BG | SAB | This chapter details the furnishings of the Temple.

  5. BG | SAB | Solomon gathers all the leaders and priest of Israel at the Temple He sacrifices so many sheep and cattle that they couldn't be counted. He has the Ark of the Covenant brought into the Most Holy Place in the Temple. The carrying poles of the Ark were long enough that they stuck out and can still be seen to this day. The only contents of the Ark were the two stone tablets which were placed in the Ark by Moses. A big celebration goes on. God fills the Temple with His glory in the form of a cloud.

  6. BG | SAB | Solomon blesses the Israelites and briefly recounts the history of the Israelites since the Exodus. Solomon prays to God asking that God keep the promise that He made to David that his lineage will rule forever if they keep His commandments, that God judge the guilty in legal disputes and take direct action on them, that God bring the Israelites back to Israel when the Israelites are defeated by enemies for disobeying God and repent of their actions, that God provide rain to Israel again when God has caused a drought because the Israelites disobeyed God and then they repent of their actions, that God forgive and bless individual Israelites according to their hearts (for God alone knows the hearts of man) whenever a disaster of any sort befalls the Israelites and they repent of their actions, that God hears and answers the prayers of aliens that come to worship at the Temple, that God help the Israelites fight their enemies, (a repeat of) that God bring the Israelites back to Israel when the Israelites are defeated by enemies for disobeying God (adding for there is no one that does not sin) and repent of their actions, That God hear the prayers made in the Temple, that God cloth the priests with salvation, and (a repeat of) that God remember His promise to David.

  7. BG | SAB | After Solomon is finished praying God sends fire from Heaven to consume the burnt offerings. God filled the Temple with a cloud. The Israelites worshiped God, saying God is good and His love endures forever. Solomon sacrifices 22000 cattle and 120000 sheep and goats. The party goes on for 22 days. God answers Solomon's prayer requests that he will do what Solomon has asked. God warns Solomon that if he turns away from God, He will strip the Israelites from the land and make the Temple become an object of mockery.

  8. BG | SAB | Solomon goes about rebuilding cities and fortifying his empire. Solomon then went to Hamath Zobah and captured it. The Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites that still lived in Israel were made to be slaves. Solomon says his Egyptian wife can't enter the holy places. All of the Temple duties were carried out per the Law of Moses.

  9. BG | SAB | The queen of Sheba heard how great Solomon's wealth and wisdom were, so she traveled to see him firsthand. Sheba asked Solomon hard questions, all of which Solomon answered to her satisfaction. The queen of Sheba gave Solomon gold and spices. Solomon gave her whatever she wanted, and gave her even more than she had given him. Then she went back home. Solomon collected great wealth and had many things made of pure gold. Rulers of every country visited to hear Solomon's wisdom and gave him gifts. Solomon ruled for 40 years, then died. Rehoboam succeeded him as king.

  10. BG | SAB | The Israelites plea to Rehoboam to make their work easier, because it was hard under Solomon. Against the advice of the elders, Rehoboam says he will make the work even more difficult and demanding. Due to this treatment, only the people of Judah remained loyal to Rehoboam. This fulfilled God's plan to take the kingdom away from Rehoboam.

  11. BG | SAB | Rehoboam rallied the people of Judah and Benjamin to regain the kingdom, but God spoke through his prophet Shemaiah and convinced the people not to fight because this was fulfilling God's plan. Rehoboam fortifies the cities of Judah. The Levites left Israel to come to Judah because Jeroboam rejected them and established pagan worship. Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines, of which he love his wife Maacah the most. He got many wives for his sons. He set up Abijah to be his successor.

  12. BG | SAB | By the 5th year of Rehoboam's reign, he abandoned the Law of God. God made Shishack, king of Egypt, attack Judah and conquer Judah. When a prophet told the leaders in Jerusalem that God was making this happen, they humbled themselves. Because of this, God did not destroy Jerusalem, but had Shishack capture it, plundering all of the Temple treasure. Rehoboam reigned 17 years. His son Abijah succeeded him as king of Judah.

  13. BG | SAB | Abijah reigned Judah for 3 years. There was war between Abijah and Jeraboam. At a battle between the two forces, Abijah asks the Israelites if they know God promised the kingship to David's descendants by a covenant of salt. He tells them scoundrels rebelled against Rehoboam. He questions their worship of pagan gods. He says they have forsaken God, but the men of Judah obey God. He tells them the Israelites will loose a fight against Judah because God is with Judah. The Israelites surround the men of Judah in an ambush. The priests of Judah blow their trumpets, and then God helps the men of Judah defeat the Israelites, killing 500000 Israelites. God killed Jeroboam during Abijah's reign. Abijah had 14 wives and 22 sons.

  14. BG | SAB | Asa succeeded Abijah as king of Judah. Asa had peace for 10 years. During this time Asa removed all symbols of pagan worship and fortified the cities. Zerah the Cushite attacked Judah with a large army. Asa prays for help from God. God helps Judah achieve victory. The forces of Judah go on to destroy and plunder the towns of Gerar as they pursued the fleeing Cushites.

  15. BG | SAB | Azariah relays a message from the Spirit of God saying that they should always seek God, as there was a time when there was great turmoil caused by God when the Israelites didn't have priests and the Law. Hearing this, Asa purges the land of Judah and the capture lands of all pagan idols and worship. In the 15th year of his reign, Asa has the people swear that they would seek God with all their heart and soul. Anyone that didn't swear would be put to death. Asa took away his grandmother's position as queen because she had a pagan idol. Asa was committed to God. There was peace until Asa'a 35th year of his reign.

  16. BG | SAB | In the 36th year of Asa's reign, Baasha king of Israel became aggressive to Judah. Asa made a treaty with Ben-Hadad, king of Aram. Ben-Hadad sent troops to attack Israel, so Baasha stopped his aggression to Judah. A seer told Asa that because he relied on Ben-Hadad instead of God, he will be at war from now on. God severely diseased Asa's feet for 2 years, during which time Asa did not seek help from God but only from doctors. Then Asa died in the 41st year of his reign.

  17. BG | SAB | Jehoshaphat succeeded Asa as king of Judah. Jehoshaphat followed the ways of God and removed the high places and items of pagan worship. Jehoshaphat arranged for the Book of the Law to be taught throughout Judah. The countries around Judah feared Jehoshaphat and paid him tribute. Judah became more powerful. Judah's army is listed.

  18. BG | SAB | Jehoshaphat visited Ahab, king of Israel, and Ahab asked Jehoshaphat if he would help recapture Ramoth Gilead from the king of Aram. Jehoshaphat says yes, but that they should confer with God first. Ahab's prophets say he will be successful, but Jehoshaphat insists a prophet of God be consulted. Ahab summons Micaiah. Micaiah tells him he will be successful. Ahab tells him not to lie. Micaiah tells him that Ahab will not be successful, and God sent a lying spirit to all of Ahab's prophets. Ahab sends Micaiah to prison. Ahab and Jehoshaphat go out to recapture Ramoth Gilead, but Ahab disguises himself. A random bow shot hits Ahab and he dies at the end of the day.

  19. BG | SAB | Upon Jehoshaphat's return, a seer greets him and tells him that God says His wrath is against him because he helped the Israelites and they are wicked. Jehoshaphat establishes judges and urges them to be fair and righteous.

  20. BG | SAB | A large army of Moabites and Ammonites with some of the Meunites was coming to attack Judah. Jehoshaphat commanding a fast for all of Judah and had everyone go to the Temple. He prayed to God to help fight this battle. The Spirit of God entered Jahaziel and told everyone that they should go out to meet the enemy's army at the Desert of Jeruel, but they will not have to fight because God will deliver them. Jehoshaphat led the army out to the desert with men singing that God's love endures forever. God had the enemy's army forces turn on one another until they completely defeated themselves. It took 3 days for the men of Judah to collect the plunder from all of the fallen soldiers. The people of Judah rejoiced and had peace thereafter during Jehoshaphat's reign. Jehoshaphat reigned for 25 years. He did what was right to God, but he not remove the high places and the people did not set their hearts on God. Jehoshaphat made an alliance with Ahaziah, the wicked king of Israel, to build trade ships. Eliezer prophesied that because he made the alliance with the Ahaziah, God would destroy the ships. God destroyed the ships before they were used.

  21. BG | SAB | Jehoram succeeded Jehoshaphat as king. Jehoram killed all his brothers, married a daughter of Ahab, and did other evils like the kings of Israel. God did not destroy the house of David because He had promised to maintain a lamp for him and his descendants forever. Edom rebelled against Judah and set up its own king, and has been in rebellion to this day. A letter from Elijah to Jehoram proclaimed that because of his wickedness, God was going to deal a heavy blow to him and his family, and cause his bowels to come out. God had the Philistines and the Arabs attack and plunder Judah, and they took all of Jehoram's family except his youngest son Ahaziah. Then God gave Jehoram a disease of the bowels. For 2 years he had the disease until his bowels came out and he died in great pain. He had reigned 8 years.

  22. BG | SAB | Ahaziah succeeded Jehoram as king of Judah. Ahaziah did evil in the eyes of God. He and Joram, king of Israel went to war against the Arameans, and Joram got wounded then. Ahaziah visited Joram. During the visit, God had Jehu destroy the houses of Ahab and Ahaziah, including Ahaziah. Ahaziah's mother, Athaliah ruled the land of Judah for 6 years, killing all the royal bloodline of Judah except Ahaziah's son Joash, who was only spared because Jehosheba hid Joash.

  23. BG | SAB | Jehoiada the priest arranged a rebellion against Athaliah. He made Joash king of Judah. He had Athaliah killed. He made a covenant that the people of Judah would be God's people, and destroyed the pagan temple, altars, and idols. He restored the purity and the customs of the Temple of God again.

  24. BG | SAB | Joash was 7 years old when he became king, and he reigned 40 years. Joash ordered the Levites to repair the Temple. The Levites were too slow in the repair, so Joash takes over the collection of money and he and Jehoiada organize labor for the repairs. The Temple was repaired and reinforced, and the furnishings were made as well. Jehoiada died at the age of 130 years old. After Jehoiada dies, Joash and the people of Judah stop worshiping God and start pagan worship. God sent prophets to bring them back, but they wouldn't listen. The Spirit of God came to Zechariah, son of Jehoiada, and he prophesied against Joash. Joash had Zechariah stoned to death in the courtyard of the Temple. The Arameans attacked Judah for plundering victoriously with God's help. Joash was murdered by his officials in his bed. Joash's son Amaziah succeeded him as king.

  25. BG | SAB | Amaziah was 25 when he became king, and he reigned Judah for 29 years. He did what was right to God, but not whole-heartedly. He executed those that killed his father, but did not execute their sons in compliance with the Law. Amaziah took a census of the fighting men of Judah and found that there were 300000. He also hired 100000 mercenaries from Israel. A prophet tells Amaziah that God says not to use the mercenaries or he will be defeated. Amaziah says that he has already paid for them, and the prophet replies God will give him much more than their cost. Amaziah sends the mercenaries home, and they were angry because of it. Amaziah attacks the Edomites, killing 10000 in the Valley of Salt and killing another 10000 captured men by throwing them over a cliff. Meanwhile, the dismissed mercenaries invaded and plundered towns of Judah on their way back home. Amaziah took the gods of the Edomites back to Judah and worshiped them. A prophet asks why would Amaziah worship a gods that couldn't save their own people. The prophet says God will destroy Amaziah for doing this. Amaziah challenges the king of Israel, Jehoash, to meet him face to face. Jehoash sends a message back to Amaziah bragging that Israel is incredibly stronger than Judah, and a war will only cause Judah's defeat, so he should stay home. Amaziah didn't listen to the advice because it was God's plan to have Israel conquer Judah. Jehoash attacked and conquered Judah, knocking down 600 feet of Jerusalem's wall and plundering it. Amaziah lived 15 years after Jehoash died. When Amaziah turned away from God, men of Judah started conspiring against him. Amaziah fled to Lachish, but he was killed there.

  26. BG | SAB | Uzziah, Amaziah's son, became king when he was 16 and he reigned for 52 years. He did what was right in God's eyes. Uzziah defeated the Philistines in Gath, Jabneh, and Ashdod. He defeated the Arabs in Gur Baal and the Meunites. The Ammonites paid tribute to him. Uzziah invested in Jerusalem's security and agriculture. He had a well trained and well equipped army of 313500 men, and had defensive arrow and and catapult machines. Uzziah became prideful because of his power, and that was his downfall. He went into the Temple to burn incense. The priests told him he was not allowed to do that. When Uzziah rebuked the priests, God struck him with leprosy. Uzziah lived separately from everyone after that because he had leprosy. When Uzziah died, his son Jotham succeeded him as king.

  27. BG | SAB | Jotham became king when he was 25 and he reigned for 16 years. He did what was right in God's eyes, but the people continued to be corrupt. He repaired and fortified Judah. Jotham attacked and conquered the Ammonites, and he received tribute from them afterwards. Jotham became powerful because he did what was right to God. When he died, his son Ahaz succeeded him as king.

  28. BG | SAB | Ahaz became king when he was 20 and he reigned for 16 years. Unlike David his father, he did what was evil in the eyes of God. Ahaz established pagan worship and sacrificed his sons in fire. Because of this evil, God has the Arameans attack and defeat Judah. God also has Pekah, the king of Israel, attack and defeat Judah. Pekah killed 120000 soldiers of Judah in one day. Pekah also captured 200000 wives, sons, and daughters, and plundered Judah. As the men were arriving back in Israel, a prophet told them that God thinks they went a little overboard in their attack, and that bringing the captured people of Judah back will bring God's wrath on Israel. After some more persuasion, Pekah sends the captives back home with the plunder and made sure that they had everything they needed for the journey. The Edomites attacked Judah and were successful in capturing towns. Ahaz requested help from Aram, but that only caused more trouble. Ahaz prayed and sacrificed even more to the pagan gods for help, spreading pagan altars throughout Jerusalem. His son Hezekiah succeeded him as king.

  29. BG | SAB | Hezekiah became king when he was 25 and he reigned for 29 years. He did what was right in the eyes of God, like his father David. In the first month of his reign, he begins restoring worship of God, repairing the Temple, and removing the worship of pagan gods. He commands the priests to consecrate themselves and the Temple so that he can make restore the covenant with God and get back the glory of Judah that was taken away due to God's wrath. After the Temple was consecrated, the slaughtered 7 bulls, 7 rams, and 7 male lambs, sprinkling their blood on the altar. Then seven male goats were brought before the king and the assembly so that they could lay their hands on them in preparation for a sin offering. Then the goats were slaughtered and their blood was sprinkled on the altar to atone for the sin of all of Israel. Hezekiah orders burnt offerings accompanied by music and worship. He tells the people that they have now dedicated themselves to God, and they should bring sacrifices. The assembly had made burnt offerings of 70 bulls, 100 rams, and 200 male lambs. The people offered 600 bulls, and 3000 sheep and goats more for sacrifice. The Temple service was reestablished.

  30. BG | SAB | Hezekiah invited Ephriam and Manasseh, all of Israel and Judah to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem. Hezekiah sent messengers with letters begging the people to not be like their wicked fathers, but to return to the sanctuary, which God has consecrated forever, and serve God, and that way God will bless them. Some people scorned the messengers, while others obeyed. The hand of God gave the people in Judah unity to carry out God's will for this festival. A large crowd gathered for the Feast of Unleavened Bread. The Passover lamb was slaughtered by consecrated priests and Levites. The Levites slaughtered lambs for those people that were not consecrated. Hezekiah prayed to God to pardon the fact that unclean people were participating in the Feast because they were seeking God with their hearts, and God heard his prayer and healed the people. The Feast lasted 7 days, then they extended it another 7 days. Hezekiah provided 1000 bulls and 7000 sheep and goats for offerings, while officials provided another 1000 bulls and 10000 sheep. There had not been a Feast like this since Solomon. God heard their prayers.

  31. BG | SAB | After the Feast, all of the pagan symbols of worship were destroyed in Judah, Benjamin, Ephriam, and Manasseh. The the people returned home. Hezekiah reestablished the duties of the priests and Levites, and reestablishes the tithe with great success. Storerooms were made in the Temple for the great quantity of the tithing. A distribution network was established for the tithing. Hezekiah prospered because he did good in the eyes of God.

  32. BG | SAB | Sennacherib, king of Assyria, invaded Judah. Hezekiah blocks of streams and springs to reduce the invaders' water supply. Hezekiah also restored and improved on Jerusalem's fortifications and made weapons and armor. Hezekiah tells the people not to be afraid because God is on their side. Sennacherib sends a taunting message to the people of Judah asking them why are they resisting, and don't they know that no people's god has delivered them from Sennacherib, so God will not deliver them either. Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah pray to God. God sent an angel that killed the Assyrian fighting men and officers. Sennacherib retreated only to be killed by his own sons in the temple of his god. After that Hezekiah was highly regarded by all nations. Hezekiah became sick, near death, and he prayed to God. God gave him a miraculous sign (reference 2 Kings 20), but Hezekiah did not respond thankfully because he was proud. Because of this God's wrath came on Judah and Jerusalem. Hezekiah and the people repented, so God stopped His wrath. Hezekiah had a very rich kingdom thanks to God. When the rulers of Babylon sent messengers to ask Hezekiah about the miraculous sign, God left him to test his heart. Hezekiah's son Manasseh succeeded him as king.

  33. BG | SAB | Manasseh became king when he was 12 and he reigned for 55 years. He did evil in the eyes of God. He reestablished pagan worship, even in the Temple, as well as astrology, sorcery, divination, witchcraft, and consulted mediums and spiritists. This made God angry. God spoke to Manasseh and the people, but they ignored Him. God had the king of Assyria attack Judah and capture Manasseh, bringing him back to Babylon in bondage. Manasseh repented and prayed to God, so God brought him back to Jerusalem. Manasseh then fortified Jerusalem and purged the pagan worship. Manasseh's son Amon succeeded him as king. Amon became king when he was 22 and he reigned for 2 years. He did evil in the eyes of God. Amon reestablished pagan worship. Officials conspired against and killed Amon, but the people revenged the assassination. Amon's son Josiah succeeded Amon as king.

  34. BG | SAB | Josiah became king when he was 8 and he reigned for 31 years. He did what was right in the eyes of God, like his father David. In the 8th year of his reign, he sought after God. In the 12 year of his reign, Josiah began a campaign to defile and destroy all the symbols and places of pagan worship throughout the land of Judah. He sacrificed the pagan priests on their altars and burned human bones on the altars. In the 18th year of his reign, he worked to repair and restore the Temple. During the work, they found the Book of the Law. It was brought back to Josiah and read to him. Josiah realizes that the generations before them did not act in accordance with the Law and that God was angry about that, and he sought for more insight on this. The prophetess Huldah said God says that He will indeed bring disaster to the people of Judah. But because Josiah humbled himself, he will die in peace. Josiah read the Book of the Law to the people of Judah and they reconfirmed their covenant with God. Josiah then began a campaign to remove all the symbols and places of pagan worship throughout the land the Israelites had. All the people of Israel worshiped God while Josiah was alive.

  35. BG | SAB | In the 18th year of his reign, Josiah had the people celebrate Passover. He directed the placement of the Ark of the Covenant into the Temple. Josiah provided 30000 sheep and goats and 3000 cattle for the Passover offerings. An additional 7600 sheep and goats and 800 cattle were provided by others. The Passover was carried out per the Law. This had not been done since the days of Samuel. Neco, the king of Egypt, went to attack another country, but Josiah marched the army of Judah against him. Neco asked why is Josiah doing this when he is not attacking Judah, and besides God is telling Neco to fight this battle. Josiah ignores him and gets mortally wounded in battle. Songs are written in the Laments about Josiah.

  36. BG | SAB | Josiah's son Jehoahaz became king when he was 23 and he reigned for 3 months. Neco captured Jehoahaz and made Josaih's son Eliakim king of Judah in his place. He renamed Eliakim to Jehoiakim. Jehoiakim became king at the age of 25 and he reigned for 11 years. Jehoiakim payed Neco gold and silver in tribute. Jehoiakim did evil in the eyes of God. Nebuchadnezzer captured Jehoiakim and plundered Jerusalem's Temple. Jehoiakim's son Jehoiachin succeeded him as king. Jehoiachin was 18 when he became king, and he reigned 3 months and 10 days. He did evil in the eyes of God. Nebuchadnezzer took Jehoiachin to Babylon, along with more Temple plunder, and made Jehoiachin's uncle, Zedekiah, king. Zedekiah became king when he was 21 and he reigned for 11 years. He did evil in the eyes of God, and ignored God's prophet Jeremiah. He rebelled against Nebuchadnezzer and he reestablished pagan worship. God had sent many messengers to His people, but they mocked them. This angered God beyond remedy. God had Nebuchadnezzer attack and kill people regardless of age or sex. Nebuchadnezzer also pillaged and destroyed the Temple and the palaces. He took the Israelites he did not kill to Babylon as slaves until the kingdom of Persia came to power. The land of Israel rested 70 years fulfilling the prophesy of Jeremiah. In the 1st year of Cyrus reign as king of Persia, he proclaims that God gave him “all the kingdoms” on earth and has told him to build the Temple of God in Jerusalem, fulfilling the prophesy of Jeremiah.

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